Shop By Installation Type

  • Wall Mounted

    The chimney is supported on the kitchen wall

  • Straight Line

    If you have an Island unit where the cook-top is fitted, you will need a Hanging or Island Chimney

  • Island

    These chimneys are fitted in the base of overhead cupboards (Generally Ductless)

Shop By Filter Type

Shop By Suction Capacity (m3/hr)

Rule of Thumb: To calculate the appropriate suction capacity of your chimney, you multiply the volume of your kitchen by 10 If the your kitchen is 4 mt wide, 5 mt long and 2.7 mt high, then (4 x 5 x 2.7) x 10 = 540 m3/hr- A chimney of 540 m3/hr or more should be good enough for your kitchen

  • < 700
    Small Kitchens/Straight Line Chimneys

  • 700 - 1000
    Medium Kitchens

  • > 1000
    Mid to Large Kitchens

Shop By Body Finish

Go for a chimney finish that best compliments the interiors of your kitchen. The use of glass definitely adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen

  • Black Finish + Glass

  • Black Finish

Shop By Duct Type

Decure Recommendation: Wherever possible prefer Ducted Chimney, as they circulate upto 30% more air as compared to a ductless chimney. Also, a ducted chimney will absorb steam and condensation better than its ductless counterpart.

Shop By Chimney Size

  • 60 - 69 cm

    Best suited for 2/3/4 Burners which are 60 – 80 cm in length

  • 70 - 79 cm

    Best suited for 2/3/4 Burners which are 60 – 80 cm in length

  • 80 - 89 cm

    Ideal for large 3/4 Burners and above