Wash Basin

Shop By Basin Type

  • Full Pedestal

    The classic choice: A pedestal below the basin that goes all the way to the floor and hides the pipe work

  • Half Pedestal

    Wall mounted basins supported by a semi pedestal- used with wall based pipework

  • Wall Mounted

    Wall mounted basins are simply mounted on the wall: An excellent choice for small bathrooms

  • Table Top

    The Basin is installed on top of the bathroom counter. Trendy, modern and luxurious

  • Under Counter

    The basin is installed below the counter to give a smooth look to the counter

  • Semi Recessed

    The Basin is partly sunk into the counter such that there is a prominent protruding front rim

  • Counter Top

    The Basin is sunk into the counter, with only a thin rim visible from above

  • Floor Standing

    The basins stand independently, without any support - best placed for large bathrooms

Shop By Shape

  • Rectangle

  • Square

  • Circle

  • Semi Circle

  • Oval

  • Corner

  • Speciality

Shop By Basin Material

  • Ceramic

  • Glass

  • Stone

  • Marble/Granite

Shop By Basin Style

Basins are no longer restricted to the traditional whites or blacks. Basins now come in a variety of designs and shapes

  • Standard Basin

  • Designer Basin