Water Closets (WCs)

Shop By Mounting Type

Mounting Type is an important criteria while selecting a WC

The two mounting styles are: Floor mounted and Wall mounted. Wall Mounting Faucets are the preferred style by most designers.

  • Floor Mounted

    Here the WC is installed on the Floor. These WC’s will be 1 piece or 2 piece

  • Wall Hung

    The WC is hung on a wall bracket- Closet WCs are wall mounted

Shop By Number of Pieces

  • 1 Piece

    Floor Mounted WC where the Flush Tank and Bowl are fused together . It is saves space, looks sleeker and contemporary

  • 2 Piece

    Floor Mounted WC where Flush Tank and Bowl are separate. Due to the two separate pieces, it can be easily installed in Bathrooms with small doors

  • Closet

    Wall mounted single piece WC. The modern choice Needs to be mounted on a wall bracket which has to be purchased separately

Shop By Trap Type

Trap is the exit pathway for the water exiting the WC on flushing. They are of two types : P type and S Type.

  • S-Trap

    Exit Drain goes into the floor. Generally suggested for ground floor installations, where pipe can be installed through the ground

  • P-Trap

    Exit drain goes through the wall. For upper floors, the drain pipe is usually fitted through the wall