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Trends in Designing Kitchens

Kitchens have been the playground for art and science enthusiasts since time immemorial. From the open patio in Ancient Greece to the seamless curves of Arclinea’s designs, kitchens have travelled a phenomenal distance reaching out to our abstract hearts. Imagine the expanse of exasperation those surreal minds would have endured when the designs they sought to be path breaking went obsolete. Having honored the history, mesmerize yourself by these alluring new designs that are sure to transfigure your kitchens with ideas from the future. From integrated coffee machines and wine coolers to remote charging units and music systems, the modular kitchen arrangement is evolving into a one-stop solution for all your daily chores. Franke’s new collection exhibits a super sink with a plethora of accessories to organize and simplify your vegetable chopping and dishwashing. It includes a colander, a drain tray and a preparation board crafted exactly where you always visualized it to be.

Another highly adapted trend in recent times is the middle age theme wherein medieval decorations lustre your kitchens with a glow of antique luxury and elegance. Native Trail’s recycled copper sinks with the right tiling in the background entangles you in a scenic extravaganza. The faucet, along with the double basin and apron are available in both antique copper and brushed nickel. Chimneys are amongst the prime essentials of a modular kitchen. Futurism has evolved chimneys from a basic structure for ventilation to a sophisticated machine capable of multi-level filtration, auto cleansing, noise absorption (sound proofing), heat and oil sensing, and the list goes on! Faber, Glen and KAFF are among the most promising brands to look up for a durable and modernized chimneys.

Beyond all the opulence and splendor, it is the ability to conserve and/or make more space that warrants a kitchen with a badge of realism. Customized drawers, floor to roof cabinetry and in-built accessories have reached a whole new level wherein you can hide a supermarket behind a few frames or boast a supermarket within a few racks. IKEA, Poggenpohl and Pedini are renowned brands if you’re intrigued by a frameless cabinetry. On the other hand, to find the best framed and readymade cabinetry you can step into Yorketown, Aristocrat or Marsh, and bewitch yourself by their captivating collectibles.

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